Eat Repeat

It is considered a taboo to talk about sexual issues openly in society. People find it difficult to listen to another person’s sexual experience. They get skittish like the fish do when you reach out to pull them out of water. is a website that tries to remove such inhibitions. This website is a blog that tries to explore our roots in the modern world. It is a blog that deals with the basics of sexual health.

It is a fun website that discusses about the different food that you should eat to increase your primal activity and also the general health of the person. It provides advice about the type of movement that you must have and does get down to the minute details of the entire act. The mission of this website is to foster an open environment that is full of fun and is interactive.

You can share your problems, if any, and ask for advice from experts on the issue. The website provides you with a good amount of advice on the kinds of food that you should eat. It also gives you advice on general issues that are related to sexual health and happiness. The most basic advice that is given is.